Book Review: Neptune’s Inferno

Book Review: Neptune’s Inferno.  I recently listened to and read Neptune’s Inferno.  The Marines generally own the narrative about the Guadalcanal Campaign, but as we learn the story of combat at sea, and in the air, around the islands of Guadalcanal and Savo Island from August to October of 1942, we come to find out that the Navy lost nearly 4,000 dead, three times the number of Marines killed on the island.  I don’t think the Navy abandoned the Marines.  We almost lost the campaign by losing significant night surface actions.  In the end the Navy and the Marines are victorious, but a wrench has clearly been thrown in to the defeat Germany first strategy outlined to the public at the time.  Added bonus: Mr. Hornfischer gives us a front row seat to the intrigue at the time between political leaders, generals and admirals over military strategy and allocation of resources.


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Retired Career Fed now enjoying a hike, climb or ski every now and then. My flickr page says it better than me. My main interests right now are my trip to Switzerland in August 2012 with Cathy, planning various hikes, reading Jane Austen and studying US Naval history. I was a member of the first BORTAC training class, the unit deputy commander during the Oakdale, LA and Atlanta, GA federal corrections and penitentiary riots, and at the end of my US Immigration and Naturalization Service career, the INS district director in Seattle. I was a border patrol agent in southern CA, and west TX.
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